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Natalie Dobbins

Fostering trust and elevating engagement.
Your health copy, written by a registered nurse

I am a health and medical copywriter with 17 years nursing experience to draw from.

I am committed to improving health literacy by creating easy-to-understand, evidence-based, and AHPRA-compliant information.

Hi, My name is Natalie. I’m a copywriter, a registered nurse, a mum (two tiny humans and one incredibly lazy whippet), a runner and a massive tea addict!

 I spent the first 17 years of my working life as a clinical nurse. I have a bachelors degree in health and a masters degree in nursing practice. This training and education sets me apart from other health and medical copywriters. Who better to write for you than someone with first hand industry experience? Who could be better equipped to translate your jargon and foster engagement and trust with your clients than a nurse- That’s what we do!

My Values


I conduct myself in a manner that is respectful, ethical, and confidential. I am focused, independently driven, and quick to respond. I produce work that complies with the AHPRA guidelines.


I demand very high standards of myself. This reflects in the work I create. I strive to write the most engaging, credible, error-free health content possible.


Continuous growth and learning are essential for keeping up with the ever-changing landscape of healthcare and meeting the needs of my clients.

With 17 years of clinical experience in the health industry to draw from, I specialize in writing only for health, wellness, and medical businesses.

I’ll translate your jargon, extract your expertise, and craft credible, evidence-based, easy-to-understand content.

Blog and Article Copywriting

Attract and engage with your target audience, while positioning yourself as an authority in your industry.
I write original, credible, evidence based content to get you seen.

Website Copy

The words on your website represent you. This is why I tailor copy to represent the individual. Your website will show visitors that your brand can be trusted and encourage connection, using language that your audience understands.

Patient Educational Material/Resources

Foster great relationships and keep your clients coming back. Educational recourses such as emails, newsletters, brochures, fact sheets, etc. can be used to show your patients you care, keep your clients engaged and keep you front of their mind.

My Process

Introduction and Brief

Once I receive your contact form, I’ll email you my briefing document.  This is an important stage of the process as it helps me to understand exactly what it is you need. If your project is more complicated, we can jump on a 30-minute call as well, to discuss.


I’ll then take the information you’ve provided and come up with a proposal and a quote. This will be emailed to you. The proposal will detail the scope of the project, all inclusions, and timeframes, as well as provide my terms and conditions.


I’ll wait for you to sign off on the proposal and put down the 50% upfront payment (or the total cost if the project is valued under $500) before I start work.


I’ll write the project and return the first draft to you within the agreed upon time frame.

Review &, If Necessary, Edits

You’ll evaluate the submission.

Because I want to make sure your copy is exactly as you want it, all my projects include 2 rounds of amendments, if required. You will have 2 weeks from the date you receive the first draft to return any commentary on the project.


I’ll send you the invoice for the final 50%

Final Draft

Upon receipt of the final payment, I will send you the final draft

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