About Me

Hi I'm Natalie....

I am a health and medical copywriter with 17 years nursing experience to draw from.

I am committed to improving health literacy by creating easy-to-understand, evidence-based, and AHPRA-compliant information.

I’m a health and medical copywriter, a nurse, a mum, a runner, and a tea addict. 

I transitioned to copywriting from a 17-year-long career in nursing. 

Following the birth of my second baby, while on maternity leave I found myself with a lot of time spent scrolling social media, finding endless medical misinformation and inaccuracies online. 

This is where I found purpose. 

Now I create credible, evidence-based, AHPRA-compliant copy for doctors and medical practices.

When I’m writing for you, you’re not only getting a copywriter. You’re getting the knowledge and firsthand experience I gained in the healthcare industry infused into your copy.

I’ve stood with you in the operating theatre,

I’ve held your patient’s hand and explained their treatment to them in language they understand,

I know how your patients benefit from your expertise and experience.

Your copy needs to showcase your authority while also engaging with patients on their level. You need material that is clear and easy for your patients to read and understand, without confusing medical jargon. Because if they don’t understand it, they won’t take action.

You need copy that reflects the way you practice. 

You need copy backed by reputable evidence.

You need copy that’s compliant with AHPRA’s advertising guidelines

You need copy that protects your registration.

That’s the kind of copy I write.

Contact me now to chat about how we could work together.

Qualifications and Experience

My Values


I conduct myself in a manner that is respectful, ethical, and confidential. I am focused, independently driven, and quick to respond. I produce work that complies with the AHPRA guidelines.


I demand very high standards of myself. This reflects in the work I create. I strive to write the most engaging, credible, error-free health content possible.


Continuous growth and learning are essential for keeping up with the ever-changing landscape of healthcare and meeting the needs of my clients.

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