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Stuck for content ideas for your health blog?

Blogs are a great way to get attention. The fact you’re here reading this is proof of that.

But coming up with content ideas can be tricky!

Blogging’s a powerhouse marketing tool. It gives you a chance to share new research, educate your patients, highlight successes, and provide value. You can show your readers you’re an expert in your field, foster trust in your skills and abilities, increase engagement, and, most importantly, grow your practice.

Blog posts can also be used as a search engine optimization tool (they can help you get found and shown to potential clients by google).

The best thing about blogs is they provide long-term value. Once you’ve written and uploaded them to your website, they can continue bringing in traffic and providing new leads for weeks, months, and even years.

But what do you actually write to achieve all of that?

Here are five easy content ideas for marketing your medical practice through blog writing.


A great way to provide value to your current patients and appeal to prospective patients is to publish educational content. Show your readers that you are an authority in your field while building trust in your knowledge and abilities.

You could write a blog post about current trending health topics, review new articles, or highlight the latest research. You could blog about common conditions you see in your practice, how you test for them, and how you help them. You could take inspiration from questions you’re often asked.

The opportunities are endless.

Talk about community events

Discuss events that are happening in your community that your patients are likely to be interested in.

For example, if you’re a knee surgeon and you see a lot of runners you could post about local running events, if you’re a physiotherapist and you see a lot of dancers, you might post about upcoming performances.

You could also highlight staff members and patients (with written permission of course) who are involved in community events.

This brings a sense of community to your practice and shows your readers that you and your team are actively involved in the local community.

Staff member highlights

A fun way to engage with patients online and help them to feel comfortable and familiar with your practice is to write blog posts introducing your staff members.

You could include qualifications, experience, and specialties as well as warmer more personal details such as hobbies, interests, and funny anecdotes.

Highlight your services

Break down the services offered at your practice. You could provide information to potential clients on what a typical appointment might involve, the potential benefits you aim to achieve, how long a session might take, and available appointment times.

What’s news at your practice

Got a new staff member? Adding a new service? Building a new facility or getting new equipment? An easy blog topic is just keeping your patients up to date with what’s going on in your practice.

As we’ve discussed writing a blog for your medical practice is a great opportunity to demonstrate your expertise, connect with your audience and foster trust.

These five easy content ideas will not just help you to get started writing your health and medical blog, but they can help you to generate blog topics for the weeks and months to come.

Are you keen to start a health and medical blog to market your practice, but you just can’t find the time? Are you stuck for inspiration and need a hand with writing?

You might need one, a package of ten, or regular, ongoing blog posts.

I can help.

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