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The Power of Email Marketing for Your Health Practice

You put a lot of time and effort into gaining your patients’ trust. The next step is keeping it.

That’s where email marketing comes in.

Nurturing your patient relationships through well-crafted email marketing not only keeps you in touch with your patients and fosters long-lasting relationships. But regular email also makes sure you stay at the front of your patient’s mind. Meaning, when they need care, they think of you.

According to MailerLite, medical, dental and healthcare emails had the second highest open rates (46.29%) of any industry in 2023, outperformed only by Government agencies (just). Proving, your patients want to hear from you.

Let’s chat about the importance of email marketing in healthcare and how you could use email to build your patient relationships.

Beyond the clinic: maintain your patient relationships between visits

You might only see your patients a few times throughout the year.

During your time together, you build rapport. You use your expertise, experience and, maybe a little charm to help your patients feel at ease. They know they’re in good hands.

Sending regular emails to your patients helps you maintain that warm relationship, by extending it beyond your limited in-person interactions.

Well-crafted email marketing has the power to forge authentic connections with your patients, fostering trust in your expertise and cultivating loyalty to your practice.

You can personalise your emails by using your patients’ names and you can segment your email list to provide tailored information based on their specific needs. By speaking directly to your patients’ concerns, you’ll build trust, strengthen bonds, and position yourself as their go-to health provider.

Inspire participation: drive patient engagement

In healthcare, patient retention and the success of any medical practice hinges on one crucial element. Engagement.

This is where the beauty of email marketing for health professionals really shines.

Unlike commercial email marketing that focuses on conversion and sales, healthcare email marketing is centered around education, and empowering your patients to take charge of their healthcare journey.

Your health email strategy might include sending out informative newsletters, interactive surveys, or healthy recipes your patients could try. The goal is to capture your patient’s attention and support a sense of engagement with you and involvement in their well-being.

Save time: automate

 Missed appointments are the bane of every health practice.

Thankfully email offers a simple yet highly effective solution to tackle this challenge.

With email, you can reduce no-shows and keep your schedule on track. Email allows you to send friendly reminders to your patients, ensuring they never forget their checkups or procedures.

In fact, you can set up automated emails to support your patients through the whole process from booking to after their appointment. You could use email to:

  • Confirm appointment bookings.
  • Send reminders for upcoming appointments.
  • Deliver important information relating to appointments.
  • Follow up after appointments.

Amplify your voice: use email to boost interactions

Of course, email isn’t the only arrow in your marketing quiver.

You’ve crafted a beautiful website, you’ve curated a blog brimming with educational content and you’ve dedicated time and effort to maintaining up-to-date social media channels.

However, the challenge lies in capturing your patient’s attention and driving them to these valuable resources.

Again, this is where email marketing becomes invaluable to your health practice. Email marketing delivers your message directly to your patient’s inbox and can help bring your patients to you, driving engagement across your digital landscape.

How I can help you

Embracing health email marketing in your medical practice could help you to optimise workflows, improve patient care and boost connection and engagement.

Need a hand to write your emails? I’ve got you covered.

When I write for you, you benefit from the knowledge I gained through many years of clinical experience. I have a deep understanding of patients’ unique struggles. I’m well versed in the communication requirements of engaging with patients, and so uniquely positioned to foster trust.

Send me a message to chat about how I can write for you.

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